You want less stuff but crave more experience.

Experiences that fill you with joy, happiness and the security that you are living fully but always within your means.

You travel with a purpose to relate and comprehend, you aren’t just checking off 8 countries in 3 days. Assured in your choices, you may own only one lipstick color because it’s just that perfect or have a limited capsule wardrobe of high quality fabrics that comfort and soothe. Focused. Clear. Minimal.

You adorn yourself with beloved pieces that evoke feelings of light breezy days and a rush of confidence that tomorrow’s success is within reach. Because you’ve already got the rest covered.

This is why Krista Bermeo Studio exists. I handcraft each piece of glass jewelry knowing that it may be the single piece you reach for day after day. 

                       Because you and I feel strength in keeping things simple.

                                       Keep It Simple. Keep It Light.