What are your shipping methods?

United States Postal Service with tracking and insurance.

When can I expect my shipment? 

I make all KBS pieces myself. Yep, all of it is me, so it can take some time to get everything just right and that is usually about 1-2 weeks depending on production schedules. Once the glass is cooled and the piece is polished and awesome, it can take about 2-5 days to get to you once I ship it, if shipping in the US. If you need expedited shipping, please email me.

What if I break my KBS piece? 

Accidents happen. It's OK. I stand behind the idea that all stuff is replaceable, but people aren't. Of course, I want you to love your KBS piece, but I want you to love yourself more, that is, don't try to wear broken pieces. So if you break a piece, send it back to me and I'll replace or fix it for you. I'm more interested in getting your KBS piece back to you asap so you can continue to rock on. 

1) Email me so I can expect the shipment: Krista@KristaBermeoStudio.com. If I don't confirm that I got your message, it means I didn't. Please try again.  

2) Securely wrap the broken piece(s) in bubble wrap along with the other parts or earring mate (I'll need to match them up).

3) Ship them with insurance and tracking to: Krista Bermeo Studio, 425 Mass. Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46204. 

4) I'll contact you (you did send your contact info, right?) to let you know when to expect everything back. You take care of the shipping to me and I'll take care of the shipping back to you. Breathing easier? It's just stuff. 

What if my KBS piece is broken during shipping? 

Email me immediately or at least the day of receiving it. This is why I ship insured. 

Custom Orders

I do this all the time for museum stores, weddings, bridal showers, etc. I work with hundreds of colors, so I'll bet I can match those dresses or come pretty close.  Do add about 2-3 weeks for us to email and ship back and forth to get it right.